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Thursday, May 3, 2007

5/02 Trip to Seal I. NWR

1 Arctic Tern
Herring Gulls
Laughing Gulls
Harbor Seals
1 Guillemot
100 or More Eider Ducks
15 to 30 Puffins
Seas 1' to 2'
South Wind 10 Knots or Less
Water Temperature 46.6 degress F.


Ron said...

Good pictures of Seal Island.
The DOD UXO cleanup folks say that quite likely there are a lot of unexploded ordnance UXO (shells and rockets) rolling around on the seafloor off Seal Island. Remnants from practice work by Korean War-bound USAF trainees, and some from WWII.

In fact the only UXO found ON the island in late years has been that which washes ashore.

The UXO cleanup plan just hatched for the island does not at present look at the ordinance below the tideline, though Maine DEP's guy thinks ultimately the seafloor of the greater Seal Island "danger area" will get a lookover.

Ever drop a tow camera down there in those waters to take a peek?


Grande Angil said...

Kind of late to the party here, Ron. Sorry. I guess I haven't been getting notifications. Anyway, I never have dropped a camera down in the depths around Seal. It would be an interesting project. I have fished around Seal. And it gets lobstered pretty hard.

Ron Huber said...

Still got cameras...

seabgb said...

I still got a boat. Might be interesting to look at a few things around these parts. Are you a diver?

Ron Huber said...

Only a bit of of snorkling. No scuba, though a late friend of mine's father, Herbert Hoche, known as Hokie over the VHF), out of Camden, first brought SCUBA to the waters off midcoast Maine, he said.